ECHO Brooch


This brooch showcases paintings through the use of cloisonne, allowing one to feel a closer connection to the art.

The paintings, created by the artist's own emotions to layer and blend colors were transformed into a more tactile brooch through the use of cloisonne techniques. The brooch combines patterned glaze, textured glass rods, and bright cloisonne enamel to create a richly layered and three-dimensional effect. The brooch, named "ECHO," represents the artist's vision of a painting as a multidimensional jewelry piece. To achieve this effect, the artist used a copper plate to create a freehand drawing that was then enhanced with melted glass and glazes of varying colors. Each part of the design is framed in silver and combined to create a unified shape. The brooch's design embodies both diversity and harmony, adding a colorful and lively impression to a simple outfit. The pin can also stand on its own as a three-dimensional object and can be displayed as a painting on a wall to add beauty and color to a space.

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