18K Gold Rings

Simple rings in raw white gold and pink gold

Brass Broach

inspired by word play and word setting


Silver Rings

Silver ring smashed top
Still life photograph with Gleichenia ring, original sculpture and found objects


Gleichenia is a jewelry project brought by an artist and a designer duo based in Tokyo.

The name Gleichenia derives from the Gleichenia japonica, a type of evergreen fern that grows in the mountain forests of Japan and has been used as a New Year’s decoration since the ancient era. It is regarded as a symbol of purity and longevity.

Through applying classic techniques to modern digital fabrication in collaboration with local artisans and engineers, We are able to facilitate a crossover between art and design. We deliver jewelry that enriches your daily life whilst creating new values and enabling boundless ideas. We find expressions in jewelry that is not bound by origin, age, gender or existing values.

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