This brooch is a unique combination of natural wood and crystal, but with a twist.

The crystal is embedded in a cushion-shaped bird's eye maple, while the other crystal is fixed in an oval-shaped rosewood vessel. Inspired by the Möbius strip, a shape with no distinguishable front or back, this brooch plays on the theme of ambiguity and inversion between inside and outside boundaries in jewelry. Its delicate craftsmanship is captivating, with the transparent crystal visible through the hole in the rounded shape of the precious wood. The brooch has an attractive design that can be appreciated from all angles, with silver frames around the holes and silver fixtures for fastening the crystal to the brooch. The natural color and polished wood grain complement the different materials perfectly, creating a balanced composition. The bold and impactful design of the brooch makes it a statement piece that can be worn alone with a simple outfit.

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