Gleichenia is a collective of two Japanese artists - Kanako Ikegaya, an artist and Yu Ikegaya, a designer - who create contemporary jewelry. They are drawn to the idea of creating art pieces that can be freely moved and displayed in various locations. They see jewelry as a way to express their creativity in small, wearable forms.

The name Gleichenia comes from the scientific name of a type of fern, Urajiro. The duo sees the fern's overlapping fronds as a symbol of the intersection between art and design.

Rather than being limited by traditional jewelry frameworks, Gleichenia seeks to incorporate new perspectives and approaches, without being constrained by materials or techniques. They present their works in various locations and aim to add color to people's daily lives with playful expressions that provide new experiences, allowing those who wear them to express their individuality. Gleichenia seeks to explore expressions that support a way of life that is not bound by origin, age, gender, or existing values.

Gleichenia showcases their jewelry in a variety of settings, including galleries, pop-up shops, and markets. Through their work, they relish connecting with new individuals and sparking conversation beyond the decorative function of their pieces.

Their mission is to bring joy to people's everyday lives by offering wearable expressions that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also enjoyable to incorporate into their surroundings. Their playful designs are intended to stimulate the senses, providing unique experiences that enable wearers to express their distinct identities. Gleichenia strives to inspire creativity and individuality through their pieces, serving as a source of inspiration for those who encounter their work.