This glass jewelry vessel offers a mesmerizing blend of clarity and opacity.

Named CRATER, after its concave circular shape, it can serve as an exquisite accessory and jewelry holder, or as a captivating sculpture by itself. The glass used to make it consists of both transparent and opaque parts, creating a unique pattern. The white streaks that spread across the translucent material lend it a mineral-like texture that brings to mind the flow of water. Depending on the viewing angle and the way light hits it, the vessel's appearance changes, radiating an enduring charm that never fades. To make this vessel, the glass was melted into a mold and then polished over time, resulting in a smooth shine that complements metal rings and earrings beautifully. Since each piece is one-of-a-kind, varying in thickness, transparency, color, and pattern, it is truly unique. Placing it in a well-lit area will naturally enhance any space, creating a refreshing and comfortable ambiance.

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