Silver Glass

A delicate white dandelion, swaying gently in the breeze, is encased in a glass ring.

The ring is crafted from clear white glass, representing the fluffy, flyaway nature of a dandelion when you blow on it. When worn, the transparent glass captures the fragile beauty of the dandelion seeds, as if they have been held at your fingertips. The polished silver interior of the ring creates an elegant simplicity that complements the round and irregular glass sphere. The thickness of the glass creates a subtle gradient of light, accentuated by the unique color variation of each piece. The glass form, inspired by the shape of dandelion fluff, is carefully crafted, with no two pieces being exactly alike. The minimal design makes it suitable for any occasion, and the delicate ring body can be stacked with other rings to add a subtle elegance to your fingertips.

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