Announcement of upcoming event


Negative and Positive Rules

Katagiri & Gleichenia

1 Oct 2022 - 10 Oct 2022

Gallery 10 [TOH]

1B Daiichi Silver Building, 5-20-11 Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo

1min walk from JR Yoyogi, East exit.

12p.m. - 7p.m.

We are pleased to announce an exhibition with artist Katagiri at Gallery 10 [TOH] near Yoyogi Station, starting on Saturday, 1st October.

Positive/good and negative/bad, two words we have used casually until now, have sometimes had their meanings flip according to the negativity or positivity of the coronavirus.
This led to a greater awareness that the two phenomena, which are diametrically opposed, can be reversed without boundaries.

The exhibition titled "Negative and Positive Rules" is comprised of works by Katagiri and Gleichenia, who are expanding their range of expression through the use of a variety of techniques.

Katagiri's "Concave" series of sculptures, which use molds as supports, the most important but unseen part of the molding process for sculptures, as well as multi-block works based on the theme of silhouettes and traces, remind us of the importance of capturing the subtleties of things. Gleichenia's works are also based on the theme of the "Concave" series.
Gleichenia's "OFFLINE" pin brooches are inspired by the blank spaces created by spelling out letters, and her jewelry pieces focus on details and events that are usually omitted. The works will be exhibited.

The artist slowly and carefully scoops up the expressions of things that exist in secret.
Positive and negative, concave and convex, + and -. We hope that this exhibition will provide an opportunity to ponder the fascination of the continuous transformation that occurs when the boundaries between the two meld together, without being dominated by either one value or the other.