SAND 18k White Gold Ring


Small particles adorn the outer edge of the ring while the slim body calmly shimmers on your finger.

This white 18 karat gold casted ring has a matte finish. No rhodium plating. Made in Japan.

  • Grain pattern spanning outer edge
  • 18 karat gold
  • Matte finish
  • Approx 1.3mm width / 2.3mm thickness
  • White gold (no rhodium plating)
  • Comes with a small bag and a box
  • Made in Japan


The precious metal may become discolored with prolonged exposure to water, dust or sweat. Avoid wearing for long periods of time and avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes or other chemical products whenever possible. We recommend taking the accessory off regularly. If the product is stained, wipe off with a soft cloth. Store in a cool dry place when not wearing.