TYPO Brass Broach S "Cat Swim"


Brass brooch inspired by word play and typesetting. By narrowing the spacing between each letter, the words became harder to make out.

By wearing this brooch, It may lead to many humorous conversations.

The color will change over the time.

  • Cut-out from single brass plate
  • Brass
  • Base material finish
  • Typeface: Menlo
  • Size: 40×26×5mm
  • Unique piece
  • Package comes with its own pouch and specially designed box
  • Made in Japan


Due to the nature of the material, discoloration may occur due to oxidation. Rust may occur in contact with water, dust, sweat, etc. Avoid prolonged wear and contact with chemical products such as cosmetics and perfumes. After wearing or if the product becomes dirty, wipe it off with a soft cloth and store it in a place away from direct sunlight .Metal polish can be used for discoloration, but it will change to a glossy texture.